Market Update for Queens Park New Westminster- June 2012

Queens Park Market Update January 1 – June 6 2012
11 Detached Houses have been sold, average sale price is $866,000 with an average days on market at 30.
Highest sale for 2012 so far is $1.19 million dollars for a 3870 sq foot home just off of 3rd St. Price per sq foot on this property was $606/sq ft.
Queens Park is a wonderful neighbourhood, close to schools, shops, and of course Queens Park which is celebrating its 125th birthday June 13th.
Queens Park was established in 1887 during the jubliee year of Queen Victoria who is great-great-grandmother to a certain royal celbrating her Jubilee year as well… Queens Park is steeped with interesting and exciting history from her role in World War 1, to famous park visits from The Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill.
For more information about Queens Park : Amenities, neighbourhood, and History click here.

Queens Park Celebrates 125 years June 13th!

Happy Birthday Queens Park!!

Tomorrow June 13th marks 125 years since Queens Park was established in 1887. This is a great neighbourhood rich in history and heritage homes.

Queens Park owes its name and land to Colonel Moody (Moody Park) as he had written to the BC Governor to save this lane under the name of Queen Victoria. On Queen Victoria’s jubilee June 13th 1887 the park was official opened and it was also the very first park in the colony of British Columbia.  Not only was this Park established on a Queens Jubilee but this year marks Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee year as well. The park hosted many May Day, Canada Day, and city celebrations attended by many famous people including The Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill to name a few.
The area is becoming quite popular and the park has seem some great upgrades from a fun kids play-place to many sporting areas.
Rainbow Playland is a great imaginative area for kids to have a great time enjoying this summer. It features 2 playgrounds, a spray-water park, and the famous Queens Park petting zoo! Surrounded by greenspace, trees, flowers, and beautiful picnic areas Queens Park is the ideal Family fun spot for New West.

Especially on Sundays when they have summer concerts at the bandstand!
Prefer more physical activities?
The park has a large new arena which hosts hockey, lacrosse, and much more. Outside you can play soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, go for a walk on the beautiful trails, or train in the fitness centre.

For a calmer afternoon there are great spots for bird & squirrel watching. Art can also be found around the park as well as an off-leash dog park for our four legged friends.
If you are planning a visit to Queens Park and want to know more about the history click here for the full background or for a great walking tour featuring some of the heritage homes in the area click here.
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