Our approach to marketing your home is simple; get more people to see your home and present it well. That’s our focus from the moment you hire us to the sale’s completion, we’re dedicated to making your property stand out. Each listing benefits from our professional services, including expert staging advice, minor repair suggestions, and proven recommendations to enhance your home’s appeal. We aim to create memorable first impressions. Our team of professional photographers and videographers employs their considerable skill and creativity to present your home in the most favourable light: spacious, bright, and inviting.

Presentation INSIDE AND OUT

Simply put, the better your home looks, the more buyers will like it. We want to show your home at its best.

Professional Real Estate Photography

Good photos draw buyers, but exceptional photos attract more. We collaborate with professional photographers known for their keen attention to detail, ensuring your home shines in every shot and stands out to potential buyers.


From heritage to mid-century modern and new craftsman homes, the impact of captivating curb appeal in real estate photos is undeniable. High-quality images showcasing attractive exteriors not only capture attention but also hint at the beauty inside, significantly enhancing interest from potential buyers.

Stunning InteriorS

Interior photos that emphasize a home’s unique design, character, and best features create a compelling visual narrative. Showcasing bright, spacious, and inviting spaces, these images not only draw potential buyers in but also evoke a warm sense of welcome, highlighting the property’s appeal and significantly boosting buyer interest.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Captivating photos of outdoor areas like patios, decks, and their views significantly enhance your listing. These images showcase the potential for relaxation and entertainment outside the home’s walls, emphasizing the lifestyle buyers could enjoy. Highlighting these outdoor features not only makes your property stand out but also attracts more attention by showcasing the enjoyment these spaces offer.

Drone photogrAphy: VIew from the sky

Drone photography provides a unique bird’s-eye view of real estate listings, offering topographic and scenic shots that highlight a property’s location and neighborhood. This perspective not only showcases the property’s setting within its environment but also attracts more attention by giving potential buyers a comprehensive look at what makes the home special.

DUSK PHOTOGRAPHY: Illuminating Your Home’s Nighttime Appeal

Dusk photography enhances residential listings by showcasing dramatic exterior curb appeal, sprawling cities views, and the warm ambiance of interior spaces under evening light. This unique timing captures a home’s allure at its most inviting, setting your property apart and captivating potential buyers with the promise of serene evenings

Social media and Online exposure

We take pride in our strong social media presence, leveraging it to effectively showcase our listings. Our team has developed online promotional strategies that significantly extend beyond the traditional MLS system’s reach. Utilizing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and MLS websites, we narrate your home’s journey from the initial photoshoot to the final sale. By combining the organic reach of our G+D team’s and individual accounts with targeted advertising, we engage a broader audience. Our aim is to generate more views, impressions, and overall awareness of every home we list and sell, ultimately resulting in more offers and the best possible outcome.

See how we market our listings on: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

The Power of Traditional Marketing

In real estate, some classic strategies remain timeless. Despite the digital age, traditional marketing such as fostering strong relationships, prominent signage, hosting open houses, distributing flyers, and providing detailed feature sheets continue to be pivotal in our approach to marketing your home. These methods have stood the test of time for a reason-they work. By integrating these trusted tactics with our comprehensive marketing plan, we ensure your property receives the broadest exposure, attracting the right buyers and securing the best possible sale outcome.


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