How G+D REALTORS Market Your Home for Sale

Our approach to marketing your home is simple; get more people to see your home and present it well. That’s our focus, from the moment you hire us until it is sold. Every listing receives the same level of professional services, including staging advice, suggestions for minor repairs, and recommendations based on tried and true experience that help your home stand out from the rest. We provide lasting first impressions. Our professional photographers and videographers bring their highly skilled and creative expertise to capture your home at its best: big, bright and welcoming.

Presentation INSIDE AND OUT

Simply put, the better your home looks, the more buyers will like it. We want to show your home at its best.


Good photos attract buyers. Exceptional photos attract more. We use professional photographers who have the experience and attention to detail to make your home look its absolute best. That will make it attractive to buyers.

Social media

We pride ourselves on our strong social media presence, and we use it effectively to promote our listings. Our team has built online promotional channels that far exceed the reach of the traditional MLS system. Through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google, we share the story of your home from the photoshoot until it is sold. Our combination of organic reach, through our G+D team and individual accounts, along with advertising to our target market, allows us to access a much larger audience. Our goal is to generate more views, impressions, and overall awareness of every home we list and sell, ultimately resulting in more offers and a better outcome.

Sometimes, All You Need is a Sign…

Some things never change. In real estate, traditional marketing methods like building relationships, signage, open houses, flyers, and informative feature sheets still play an important role in our advertising of your home.


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