Queens Park Market Update January 1 – June 6 2012
11 Detached Houses have been sold, average sale price is $866,000 with an average days on market at 30.
Highest sale for 2012 so far is $1.19 million dollars for a 3870 sq foot home just off of 3rd St. Price per sq foot on this property was $606/sq ft.
Queens Park is a wonderful neighbourhood, close to schools, shops, and of course Queens Park which is celebrating its 125th birthday June 13th.
Queens Park was established in 1887 during the jubliee year of Queen Victoria who is great-great-grandmother to a certain royal celbrating her Jubilee year as well… Queens Park is steeped with interesting and exciting history from her role in World War 1, to famous park visits from The Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill.
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