Our approach to marketing your home is simple; get more people to see your home and present it well. That’s our focus, from the moment you hire us until it is sold!


The better your property looks, the more buyers it will attract! We ensure your home looks its absolute best, including staging for photographs and open houses.


Good photos attract buyers. Exceptional photos attract more! We use professional photographers who have the experience and attention to detail to make your home look its absolute best. That will make it attractive to buyers.
Great photos are a key part of marketing your home

Social media

Aside from the MLS, social media is the most effective way to get attention for your home. Our current marketing plan is focused on the best return on investment. What does that mean? It means we use every tool at our disposal: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google to get your house showing up everywhere potentials buyers may be.

We also know that many home buyers are searching for homes online way before they reach out to us, as Realtors. So, in order to show up online at all times we also place your home in Google searches. We create videos with your home and in about a week we get around 7,000 impressions (how many times our videos pop up on people’s screens) and around 3,000 views depending on the home.
Below is one example of one week of homes:


Facebook is the most effective social media platform for real estate. We are able to target buyers by age, location and demographics; buyers who are looking for a home just like yours. We post photo galleries of your home, and even a video introduction.