Burnaby – Upper Deer Lake

The Upper Deer Lake neighbourhood is in the geographical centre of South Burnaby. It’s single family homes and a few townhomes are located just below Deer Lake Park until Imperial Avenue, between Oakland Street and Dufferin Avenue.

There are two elementary schools in Upper Deer Lake, making it a perfect neighbourhood to raise a family. 

Neighbourhood amenities

Upper Deer Lake is close to shopping, dining and entertainment in the busy Metrotown and Highgate commercial districts. The former includes three shopping malls. Metropolis at Metrotown is the largest in the province and will satisfy virtually any shopping, dining or entertainment desire.

Also nearby is the main branch of the Burnaby Public Library which is surrounded by a beautiful civic square that frequently hosts outdoor events like concerts and even movies.

The neighbourhood overlooks beautiful Deer Lake Park, a tranquil urban oasis of walking trails, placid water, art galleries, theatres and the Burnaby Village Museum that recreates Burnaby the way it might have been in the 1920s. Many of the homes in the neighbourhood enjoy peek-a-boo view across the Central Valley to Burnaby Mountain and the North Shore mountains.





Upper Deer Lake is located between Kingsway and Highway 1; both provide direct driving routes into Vancouver. The Edmonds and Metrotown SkyTrain stations are nearby and can be reached by bus.


Upper Deer Lake real estate

Upper Deer Lake is primarily made up of detached houses. It is one of Burnaby’s higher-end neighbourhoods with a number of large custom homes set on expansive lots. There are some condos and townhomes in the neighbourhood as well.

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Upper Deer Lake real estate Burnaby

House Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$911,465 $1,680,000 $551,490 $821,000 $322$622$219$310$1,201,150 $825,656 4449
2011$1,071,186 $1,755,000 $690,000 $1,005,000 $386$1,055 $266$368$1,396,418 $992,546 2757
2012$1,116,674 $1,695,000 $830,000 $1,092,500 $415$561$288$412$1,299,200 $1,088,604 2934
2013$1,159,445 $2,000,000 $638,000 $1,050,000 $417$958$254$392$1,505,474 $1,009,795 5253
2014$1,274,694 $2,400,000 $750,000 $1,209,000 $427$1,041 $267$403$1,642,719 $1,116,435 4948
2015$1,458,619 $2,568,888 $830,000 $1,388,000 $487$1,038 $324$460$1,651,571 $1,348,902 3380
2016$2,103,217 $2,980,000 $1,400,000 $1,950,000 $680$924$485$651$2,456,375$1,914,867 1923

Condo Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$282,900 $288,800 $277,000 $282,900 $316$324$309$316n/a$282,900 322
2011$239,000 $322,000 $190,000 $205,000 $313$346$272$320n/a$239,000 963
2012$185,000 $215,000 $155,000 $185,000 $285$331$238$285n/a$185,000 892
2013$244,500 $361,000 $177,500 $219,750 $265$283$248$263n/a$244,500 814
2015$167,500 $167,500 $167,500 $167,500 $258$258$258$258n/$167,500 1671

Burnaby – Upper Deer Lake