#POMOLIFE: Episode 7 – Suter Brook Village

PORT MOODY!⁣⁣⁣ What is your favourite place in Suter Brook?

We are coming for you in our newest episode of #PoMoLife. We are talking about our favourite places, what makes it great and why we visit on the daily! ⁣⁣It’s time you learn about one of the great villages surrounding Port Moody. An amazing place to call home, the city with a Deep Cove vibe and Lonsdale potential.⁣ Those who know….KNOW!!!⁣⁣
If you have any suggestions on where we should visit next, comment below!

#POMOLIFE: Episode 6 – The Legion

PORT MOODY! Who knew The Legion could be so fun? And who knew Monica was so good at darts?!

Beer, darts, pool, beer, a patio that allows dogs, cards… did we mention beer? Watch Lucas & Monica’s day at The Legion below!
If you have any suggestions on where we should visit next, comment below!

#PoMoLife: Episode 2 – Gabi & Jules

#PoMoLife – A Visit to Gabi & Jules in Port Moody

This time we stopped by Lucas’s favourite sweets spot Gabi & Jules. There were so many delicious choices! One of the things we love most about Port Moody is the culture. Kindness and Inclusiveness is a major theme in this town and Gabi and Jules is helping set the tone. If supporting good, honest businesses gives you the warm fuzzies treat yourself to a pre-Easter treat this week!
Lucas & Monica enjoy a pie eating contest during this weeks episode! Find out who wins & who cheats… only 30 seconds to finish their pie… and GO!
Watch below & make sure to check back next week or our next episode of #PoMoLife.
There is a lot going on in our city, Port Moody and we are going to highlight new and old businesses AND events! We have some serious ground to cover and we are open to requests! If there is a new spot that you haven’t tried, let us know.