Episode #7 – Real Estate Photography & First Impressions

When it comes to selling Real Estate, imagery is everything. Almost everyone who comes through the door will have first seen and judged the property online. So how do you make the most of that? This episode will focus on the importance of professional photography, how to get the most out of a photo shoot and how to separate your listing from others online.

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Real Estate Photography & First Impressions 

It goes without saying that marketing homes well is a huge part of our job as realtors. And it begins with real estate photography.  As such, it’s paramount to ensure that any property for sale is well presented, whether that be on your website, social media, MLS (multiple listing service) or anywhere else on the web. That first impression is normally the difference between a potential buyer deciding to come for a viewing or not.

In the following post, we’ll share with you our views on the importance of real estate photographer, presentation and first impressions:

Helping You Get Ready For Real Estate Photography 

Our first point of order is to do a room-by-room walkthrough of your house to establish the “important rooms” that need to be photographed. 

It’s important to remember that there is a difference between getting ready for photos and preparing for viewings. The images don’t pick up on all imperfections, nor do we take photos of every room that a buyer would see if they walked through your house. Regardless, there are a few details you need to tend to first.

Declutter The “Important Rooms” For The Photoshoot

Before professional pictures can be taken, we recommend that you tidy up any clutter. Which may include removing family photos from the fireplace mantle, clearing the kitchen countertop, taking a toothbrush off the bathroom counter, or reshuffling any other household items to clear up the space for that perfect shot.

Little touches like that, provide a much improved first impression when someone is scrolling through pictures of a property online. A simple idea to keep in mind is trying to make your home look like a hotel. Not too plain, not too cluttered. It calls for just the right balance between the two. If in any doubt, our advice is to remember that less is more in general.

Stage Your Home (To Some Degree) For Real Estate Photography 

Putting a little bit of effort into staging your home for real estate pictures is good practice for two main reasons. Firstly it improves the appeal of your home, which could result in better offers from buyers. Secondly it can help to sell your property faster.

We always arrive for photoshoots equipped with staging items including plants, table settings and extra decor. We’re constantly thinking about how to best present your home. That could be adding a centerpiece with glassware and plates to a table that otherwise looks too plain without it.  It helps make a great first impression for buyers.

Take Professional Pictures

Today, professional property photography is almost a prerequisite compared to 5 years ago when there were still a lot of amateur photos. But the level of effort going into professional photos differs greatly across the board. Different agents have different approaches.

In our team specifically, we ensure that two or three members of the team attend client photoshoots. While the photographer is setting up for pictures, we are working behind the scenes moving furniture around to frame each shot so that it 

can be seen in its best possible light. 

We want to lure potential buyers through the door with great photos. The more buyers that see your home, the more offers you get, which often leads to a better outcome. 

The Importance of The Feature Shot

In most cases, you want to highlight the best features of the home early in the listing or order of photos. If possible the best photo should be the first featured shot. This can be different from property to property though. For condos, for example, it’s often going to be a kitchen/ living room shot. For detached properties, it’s common to have a curb appeal shot. If it’s a view property, it’s often going to be that view shot, and so on.

From there we like to ensure the listing has a natural flow of photos. We want that person who’s scrolling through the pictures online to feel as though they’re going through the home. We don’t want them to jump from the kitchen to the bedroom, to the dining room, back to another bedroom, and so on.  

Make Your Real Estate Pictures Remarkable 

The goal for every photoshoot is to make the property look as attractive as possible.  Be sure to declutter the rooms that will be photographed, stage your home where needed and seek a professional real estate photographer that is patient and cares about quality.  It could be the difference between a potential buyer scrolling past your listing or booking a showing to view it.

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Greater Vancouver Housing Market Update May 2017


May is here and it’s time for a Greater Vancouver housing market update.

It’s been a bit of a crazy year, and between the snow and the rain, the weather has been awful and it’s held back the sales a little bit; the number of sales are down considerably compared to 2016. As of April 26, 2017, in Vancouver the number of sales of detached home is 701. Now compared to the same period of time last year, it was 1473–just under half the number of sales.

In Burnaby, we see the biggest effect: 267 compared to 1400 last year. In the Tri-Cities, 469 compared to 1098 sales. Overall, the trend is that the number of sales is down considerably and, in most cases, less than half of what they were last year. Mind you, last year was insane and this year we’ve seen some legitimately awful weather.

In terms of prices, let’s look at the sales ratio. To get a good indication of how the market doing, we like to look at the sales ratio. The sales ratio is the sales-to-active listings ratio or the number of sales that take place in a given month divided by the number of active listings. A seller’s market is considered to have a sales ratio of 21% or higher.

In the last 60 days, the sales ratio for detached homes in Vancouver is 15%; that means that of 10 active listings, 1.5 of them are selling in a given month. That’s a low figure, but when you isolate listings at $1.5 million or less, that figure goes from 15% to 38%–a strong seller’s market. When you isolate that figure from $3 million plus it goes from 15% to 9%. So the high end is really what’s dragging down the sales ratio.

And similar stats are in Burnaby, where the sales ratio is 21%, but under $1.5 million, it’s 53%, and at $2 million, it’s 9%. So the high end market is what’s struggling right now, but the entry points are quite active—they’re hot.

Some fun sales of the year:

The highest sale to date was on Point Grey Road and it sold for $17.6 million, this is from the REBGV stats. In the Tri-Cities, the highest sale was $3.4 and it was ‘Anmore‘, which is, in my opinion, one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets.

In conclusion, the weather has held the market back. I expect these sales numbers to improve in the coming months, more so in the seller’s favour. The weather’s going to get better, a lot of homes will be coming on the market and I think it’s going to be a very active time. However, a lot of people are overpricing their homes–$2.5 million homes are being priced at $3 million, or $2 million dollar homes at $2.5 million, and that is proving not to work right now. You could get away with it last year, because the market would climb until it reached that point, but this year, it’s not. We’re seeing price points similar to last year in most areas and we’re seeing prices 20% above last year’s prices. So, there’s a big gap between list price and sale price and that’s holding back the sales ratios in a lot of these places.

If you’d like my opinion, if you’re selling a higher end product:

1. Don’t list it if you’re not serious about selling.

2. Price it properly.

On the buy side, I think it’s a great time to buy higher end product, but I just don’t think the seller’s are willing to come down to your price points yet. On the sell side, now is the sweet spot to sell detached homes. May, June, July, are active months, so take advantage.

Full Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Stat Package for April 2017

If you’re thinking of buying, selling or just curious about the value of a property, contact us today!

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James Garbutt
Greater Vancouver Realtor


Greater Vancouver Condo Market Update May 2017


May is here and it’s time for a Greater Vancouver condo market update. It’s been a bit of a crazy year, and, between the snow and the rain, the weather has been awful and it’s held back the sales a little bit, or at least that’s part of the reason for it.

As of April 26, 2017, the year-to-date number of sales are down from this time last year in the same period. If I were to put an approximate figure on it, I would say it’s down 30% in terms of number of sales. However, number of sales is just part of the equation for the market–prices are up considerably. Condos and townhouses are hot! They’re more affordable than detached homes, and, as a result, have a lot more buyers.

To get a good indication of how the market doing, we like to look at the sales ratio. The sales ratio is the sales-to-active listings ratio or the number of sales that take place in a given month divided by the number of active listings. A seller’s market is considered to have a sales ratio of 21% or higher. That usually means that prices don’t back track. In Vancouver right now, we’re seeing a sales ratio of 60% over the last 60 days. In Burnaby, it’s 66%, in New Westminster it’s 76%, and in the Tri-Cities it’s 98%. These are strong seller’s markets.

If we isolate Vancouver condos north of $1.5 million, the sales ratio goes from 60% down to 22%, which is on the fringe of a seller’s market. At that figure, it’s definitely not a climbing market, but it’s definitely not back tracking either. So, sales volume may be down, but the prices are up. According to the latest stats from the REBGV, condo prices are up 16% across all of Greater Vancouver; however, in Burnaby, New Westminster and the Tri-Cities, we’re seeing a figure that seems to be more in line with 25%. And, particularly newer condos built after 2000 that are entry price points in the market, they’re smoking hot. The demand for affordable condos is high; the higher the price points, the lower the demand.

Let’s look at those percentages in a more practical way. Let’s look at a ‘Yaletown‘ 1 bedroom that’s 550 sf mid-level, say 10 years old as well. Those are selling for $1100 a foot this year; in 2016 for $950sf, and the year before it would be $775. Back to back years of 20+% appreciation–that is a hot market. It’s not sustainable, but it is smoking hot at the moment and I don’t expect it to slow down any time soon. 

Some interesting stats for Greater Vancouver:

The highest sale as of April 26 2017 is $8.7 million. That was for a 3600sf condo in ‘Coal Harbour‘. That’s bigger than my house. In the Tri-Cities, a condo in Newport Village sold for $1.4 million for 1800sf overlooking the water.

Moving forward, I expect more of those to come; a lot of people that are downsizing are moving into these high end condos. So if you own a high end condo, now is a great time to consider listing. Basically, if you own any condo in Greater Vancouver, now is a great time to sell! The problem is, what are you going to buy? If you’re buying another condo, you may have some challenges.

Full Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Stat Package for April 2017

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James Garbutt
Burnaby Realtor


Tips for Making an Offer in a Multiple Offer Situation.

“Tips for making your offer look as good as possible when you are in a competing multiple offer situation which is quite common these days if you are looking for a detached house in Greater Vancouver.”
[somryv url=”QjOfkW1xY9c” size=”full” align=”center”]
“Put your best number on the offer.  Dont leave anything off the table, you want to go with your best number upfront. You can’t rely on a counter offer and if you miss out on a property by $5,000 you’ll likely be kicking yourself for a couple months down the road.”
“We always recommend 5%. That is our bare minimum recommendation. If you can put more down, put more down but at least 5%. You don’t want to have any concerns over your offer due to your deposit.”
“If you are in a flexible situation say you’re frustrated buyer who sold their apartment and your now out of house and home, leave the dates blank. Leave them up to the seller to decide. If you have subjects leave them blank. If you don’t have subjects you may want to caution yourself about that. Leave the dates blank and give the seller the full right to choose the dates or at least speak with the listing agent first before putting dates down.  Don’t make dates a sticky issue for buying a long term home.”
Items on Page 2 of the contract
“Don’t be over particular. Don’t ask for too much. If you are competing and you are asking for a lot you don’t have a whole lot of leverage in negotiation. You want them to feel like you are a solid buyer who is asking for a reasonable amount of items and you put your best number on the table. If you start demanding things it will make your offer look worse.”
“Unfortunately if you are buying a house right now the best option is none. But as a Realtor we can never recommend that. That’s just the reality of it these days. If you have a nice home on quiet street I’ve seen a number of situations that have 10+ offers and the sale always goes to the buyer without subjects. If you do deiced to go subject free make sur eyou have a good talk with your mortgage broker first. Sometimes they can give you approval on a property if you get them a mock contract prior to offer presentation. Get an inspector in there before the offer presentation. This is when you are going after a really popular or hot property. You may have to put yourself out there on some of these items and take on the risk which I have seen as well. The reality is if you have subjects on your offer make them as short and clean as possible. But a lot of the biggest sales that have gone on this year to date have been subject free where the buyers have gotten their financing, inspection, and everything else arranged prior to the offer presentation… or they are just taking a huge risk.”
Add your story to your offer
“Put a letter or tell them your story on the cover of your offer. Some sellers appreciate the buyer and want to know who is going to be living in their home. Especially if the sellers have sentimental value in the home and would rather have a young family buy it instead of a developer who will tear it down. You might at least get a chance at a second offer if you aren’t the leading candidate.”
Your Realtor
“Present your offer in person. Anytime you have an opportunity to be face to face with the sellers in a competing offer situation it helps. It helps because you are not the front running offer but they like you. They might go with you or at least give you a second chance that they may not have considered if you were just another piece of paper. So present in person.”
“Buyers just be patient. Don’t expect to get the first home you go after especially if you are looking for the same type of property as everyone else. It is a seller’s market right now so be prepared to put out a couple offers.”
If you have any questions about selling your home or would like to know more about this crazy market feel free to contact us!
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Crazy 2015 Detached House Sales in Greater Vancouver!

“So far the 2015 market for Detached Homes has been incredibly crazy with tons of bidding wars which means record sale prices above list price. We thought we would share with you some of the highlight sales that have happened to date because simply put whatever is going on out there is nuts. if you are somewhat close to the city  Coquitlam or West you are running into bidding wars if you are buyer. If you are a seller you are very lucky to be enjoying this market. It’s a frustrating time for buyers but a great time for sellers right now.”

Below we will show some of the highlight sales that have happened in the short year to date.
“In Burnaby there was a house at 8675 12th St that was listed at $838,000 that sold in 5 days for $1.1 Million. $262,000 above the list price. The list price $838,000 was in line with recent sales prior to that. It was on a nice lot in good neighbourhood and sold for significantly above list price.”
“Out in New Westminster at 1924 London St listed at $829,000 sold for $985,000 in 5 days on market and subject free like most other record breaking sales.”
“Next in North Vancouver on 960 Beaumont Dr  in the Edgemont Village area was listed at $1.488 Million sold $1.689 Million $201,000 above list price in 3 days.”
“In the British Properties at 725 Eyremount, West Vancouver home listed at $4.198 Million sold for $5.880 Million in 4 days. Basically $900,000 above the list price. When talking about $5 million dollar homes it may not be so much for the sellers or buyers but that is a huge above list sale!”
“In Vancouver at 65 E 26th Ave listed at $1.598 Million sold for $2.165 Million sold in 11 days. Thats over $560,000 above the list price on a 31.25 frontage lot which is crazy that East Vancouver is now getting those prices.”
“But the winner for the craziest sale is a Shaughnesssy home at in the Vancouver West area at 1383 W 32nd Ave listed at $5.99 Million and sold for $8.010 Million in 12 days. That is $2 Million above list price and it takes the cake so far for this year!”
“It is unfortunate for buyers if you are trying to find a new home and staying in a hotel or renting short term. Who knows when this will lessen up but it is what it is right now which is crazy.”
“For sellers if you are on the fence about selling now is the time to get off the fence to and enjoy the rewards of the your detached house. Condos and Townhomes are strong as well but not as crazy as detached homes.”
“To give you some averages for homes in Coquitlam and west of Coquitlam in Greater Vancouver on average year to date days on market is 30 days but the median has been 9 days on market. Which tells you that most of the homes are selling fast, but a couple are lingering a little longer because there are still some duds out there. On average houses are selling for 100% of the list price. The range for 2015 so far is 131% to 56% of the list price… we aren’t sure what happened with that 56% of the list price sale but we are sure there was something wrong there.”
If you have any questions about selling your home or would like to know more about this crazy market feel free to contact us!
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Just Listed! Avant in Vancouver.

[codepeople-post-map]Modern waterfront homes overlooking Burrard Inlet with stunning North Shore views!

Vancouver living at it’s best with UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS of Burrard Inlet, Mountains & New Brighton Park!  This outstanding 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom Townhome has 1,492sqft on 2 levels with a HUGE PRIVATE ROOFTOP PATIO! Unit features a spacious layout with an open concept kitchen/dining/living area, powder room, and a gorgeous brick feature wall in the living room.
2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale
2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale     2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale
Modern finishings throughout including Kohler fixtures, soft close cabinetry, white oak wire brushed hardwood flooring, and marble counters. Gourmet kitchen features high end gas range, granite counters, GE Monogram Series stainless steel appliances and lots of cupboard space.
2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale     2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale
Upstairs are the 2 spacious bedrooms with plush wall to wall carpeting, large windows for lots of light, and spectacular views. Upper floor also features 2 ensuite bathrooms, and access to the HUGE North-West facing private rooftop patio with lots of space for a patio set and bbq. Perfect for Summer entertaining and watching Christmas Carol ships.  The unit also includes 2 storage lockers and 3 parking spots.2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale
Built in 2012 by Aragon this building features Geothermal Heating & Cooling instead of conventional energy methods. This allows you to save your energy consumption by 70% and is environmentally sustainable. Geothermal heating and cooling systems transfer the warmth (or cold) from the ground below to the home or building above, providing a completely renewable, ecologically friendly source of home climate control.  The Earth itself is a natural heat source with year round temperatures of 55°F to 75°F just below the surface.
2949 Wall St Vancouver Condo Townhome for Sale           
Amazing Neighbourhood just minutes from beachfront New Brighton Park which has a soccer field, picnic sites, outdoor pool, concession stand, children’s playground, 4 tennis courts, and an off leash dog area.  Walking distance to Playland, The Coliseum, Hastings Racecourse, and PNE! Shops (Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, Starbucks, Hastings Liquor Store, Donalds Market, London Drugs etc…) just a quick 5 min drive, Schools (Hastings Elementary & Templeton Secondary) 5 & 10 min respectively, Hwy 1 on ramp 5 min, and only 15 min away from Downtown Vancouver!
2949 Wall St Neighbourhood

Click Here to view the full listing & floorplan
2949 Wall St Floorplan

February 2015 Market Stats

Home buyer and seller activity outpaces historical averages in February.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver reached 3,061 on the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in February 2015. This represents a 21 per cent increase compared to the 2,530 sales recorded in February 2014, and a 60 per cent increase compared to the 1,913 sales in January 2015.
Last month’s sales were 20.2 per cent above the 10-year sales average for the month.

“It’s an active and competitive marketplace today. Buyers are motivated and homes that are priced competitively are selling at a brisk pace right now,” Ray Harris, REBGV president, said.
New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties in Metro Vancouver totalled 5,425 in February. This represents a 15.4 per cent increase compared to the 4,700 new listings reported in February 2014.
Last month’s new listing count was 11.8 per cent higher than the region’s 10-year new listing average for the month.
The total number of properties currently listed for sale on the REBGV MLS® is 11,898, an 11.3 per cent decline compared to February 2014 and a 10.1 per cent increase compared to January 2015.
The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Metro Vancouver is currently $649,700. This represents a 6.4 per cent increase compared to February 2014.
The sales-to-active-listings ratio in February was 25.7 per cent. This is the highest that this ratio has been in Metro Vancouver since March 2011.
Full Article
Full Stats Package

Record High Appreciation in Greater Vancouver Homes.

The market in the Greater Vancouver area has been very busy these past 4 years and recent statistics show just how incredible the appreciation of homes has been.  The popularity of the Lower Mainland boomed once we had officially won bid to host the Olympics and since 2010 it has kept increasing.

Detached homes are extremely popular as it a sellers market with buyers in bidding wars at record high sale prices.  From homes to Vancouver West to Coquitlam we have seen above listing price sales with properties attracting tons of buyers and lots of offers.

“These stats really  showcase how much of an increase there has been in a relatively short amount of time.  One of the trends we noticed in suburbs and basically everywhere is the more expensive neighbourhoods are the ones that went up the most. For example in New Westminster in the neighbourhood where detached homes appreciated the most over time was Queens Park which had a 24% gain over the past 4 years from 2010 to 2014 compared to the New Westminster city average of 18%. Deer Lake area in Burnaby had the highest average sale price in 2014 of overall Burnaby with the average sale price of $1.7 Million which is astonishing for Burnaby.”

Detached Home Appreciation 2010-2014
West Vancouver – 37.9%

Vancouver East – 40.7%
Vancouver West – 42.3%
Burnaby – 32%
New Westminster – 18%
Coquitlam – 20%
Port Moody – 15%

“A few other stats to note Condos are up as well but not nearly as much as homes. Burnaby is up 4%, New Westminster gained 5%, & Port Moody increased by 5%. Not a huge gain for condos in suburbs.”

“Being 2015 now and the market has been insane but there is not enough data to reflect what is going on other than the pure craziness. For detached homes I would say we are up even further from 2014. There are record sale prices going on all the time, bidding wars everywhere.  I can’t wait to see what stats are released after 6 months of this to see where things are actually at. There haven’t been that many sales here in February but I have seen what would have been considered a $700,000 home last year sell for $800,000 this year and what was $900,000 last year sell for $1,000,000 or $1,050,000 this year. There is just record setting prices everywhere and this is mainly for detached homes. It is a little bit difficult to be a buyer right now but great to be a seller! We are really looking forward to checking out the year end info for 2015 to see how this intense market will reflect in the stats.”

For more info on Greater Vancouver market stats Click Here.

Just Listed! Gable in Coquitlam

Gable Townhouses: Modern and stylish townhomes in central Coquitlam just minutes from everything!

#16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate   #16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,203sqft Rowhome is in pristine condition and features a large spacious open concept living/dining/kitchen area. Other features include lots of windows for plenty of natural light, modern finishings, and a large tandem garage opening to your private fenced backyard.
#16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate     #16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate
#16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate
The living room features a cozy fireplace and opens on to a East facing balcony with french doors over looking the  yard.  The dining room flows into a large spacious kitchen with lots of windows, designer lighting, marble counters, stainless steel appliances, lots of counter space as well as a corner seating space and enough floor space for a gourmet island.
#16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate   #16 688 Edgar Ave, Coquitlam.  Townhome for sale Garbutt Dumas Real Estate
Upstairs are the 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has 2 separate his and hers closets, plush wall to wall carpeting, and a modern 5 piece ensuite with his and hers sinks and marble counters.

Situated in central Coquitlam this location is perfect for commuters and families alike with Hwy 1, shops on Lougheed Hwy, Silver City Theatres, Eagle Quest Golf Course, Lougheed Town Centre, and Skytrain Station.

Click Here for the Full Listing & Virtual Tour!

#16 688 Edgar Ave Virtual Tour


Sold! Donovan in Yaletown!

Sold for above asking price in only 4 days!

Welcome to ‘Donovan’! Cressey’s high-end boutique style building in the heart of Yaletown and Vancouver!

Kitchen    Living Room

This Gorgeous Corner Unit 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 857sqft condo has South-West views of eclectic Yaletown. The spacious open concept floor plan features hardwood floors, high end Miele Stainless Steel appliances, wood cabinetry, walk-in pantry & lots of natural light.

Master Bedroom     Bathroom

Their recreation facility is one of the best in Vancouver! It includes private yoga rooms, sauna room, steam room, meeting room & an amazing party room.

Party Room     Exercise Centre

Incredible location just a quick stroll to Urban Fare, some of the best restaurants in Vancouver, shopping, sporting events at BC Place & Rogers Arena, the Seawall, local theatres (The Orpheum, Vogue, & Roundhouse are all within a 10 min walk) & The Canada Line is 5 min away.

The Orpheum Vancouver
The Orpheum Vancouver

BC Place Vancouver
BC Place Vancouver

Yaletown Seawall
The Seawall

Yaletown Canada Line Skytrain Station
Canada Line Skytrain Station


Click Here for the Full Virtual Tour!

Click Here for Full Virtual Tour!
Click Here for Full Virtual Tour!