Port Moody is a historic city that wraps around the east end of the Burrard Inlet.
It was founded in 1859 by Colonel Richard Moody of the Royal Engineers, the same military troop that settled New Westminster. The city served as a year-round port for British Columbia’s first capital but it boomed in 1881 when it became the western terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The boom didn’t last long though as the city’s growth stalled when the rail line was extended into Vancouver in 1887.


But it’s regained new life with the completion of the Evergreen SkyTrain extension that transports commuters into Vancouver and elsewhere in the Metro area in about 40 minutes. The transit line has fuelled massive new development projects of condos and townhomes near its stations at Moody Centre and Inlet Centre.
Some of Port Moody’s railway heritage is preserved in its small, historic downtown and at the Port Moody Station Museum, near Rocky Point Park.

Port Moody Entertainment & Tourism

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With prime access and views of Burrard Inlet, it’s no wonder that much of Port Moody’s entertainment and tourism revolves around the waterfront. Affectionately called “PoMo,” Port Moody has grown significantly over the past decade, becoming a vibrant and sought-after spot for young professionals, families, and tourists alike. 

There’s no shortage of food and drink in the Greater Vancouver area, and Port Moody is certainly no exception! Craft beer is blossoming in PoMo, giving rise to “Brewer’s Row.” This highly walkable row of home-grown brews makes it easy to dedicate an afternoon to discovering your new favourite craft beer. Moody Ales, Parkside Brewery, The Bakery Brewing, Yellow Dog Brewing, and Twin Sails Brewery can all be found on Brewer’s Row. 

From Indian and Asian cuisine to Italian and Mexican, to Canadian and American, foodies will love exploring the wide variety of flavors throughout Port Moody. Duck into Browns Socialhouse for casual fares like burgers, salads, sandwiches and rice bowls. If you’re in the mood for authentic Thai dishes, try Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen, a cozy restaurant with traditional Thai delicacies. And for the next night out on the town (or date night), head on over to Saint St. Grill for a rack of lamb, filet mignon, or chicken alfredo gnocchi. Best of all, many restaurants within Port Moody offer patio seating, providing the perfect opportunity to take in the sights of the city and the inlet during a meal.

Locals love spending sunny days hiking, swimming, fishing, or enjoying an afternoon picnic at Buntzen Lake. Located just 30 minutes north of Port Moody, the lake is a popular spot for PoMo residents to relax, unwind, and spend the day in nature. There’s also a gated dog-friendly area to let your four-legged family members run free and play! Buntzen Lake even has its own claim to fame: among other locations in British Columbia, Buntzen Lake was featured in the 1999 film, Lake Placid

Arts and culture are alive and well in Port Moody, with ongoing art programs, studio spaces, and festivals. In fact, the city is so dedicated to supporting the arts that every Council meeting begins with a featured art presentation to showcase ongoing cultural projects. Past presentations have included film, painting, sculptures, photography, dance, and even theatre. Want to become a street performer? Simply fill out an application and submit a sample of your work! Jugglers, musicians, dancers, and magicians are all welcome entertainment for locals and tourists alike in PoMo.

One of the biggest benefits of living in Port Moody is the easy access to scenic views, parks, and trails. The Shoreline Trail is approximately 6 km long and provides spectacular ocean vistas. Bert Flinn Trail includes an off-leash area, as well as pathways for mountain biking and running. Admiralty Point is a great choice for beginners to explore both forest and ocean views, featuring a flat, easily walkable pathway. And not only does Shoreline Park offer opportunities to view nesting blue herons at Burrard Inlet, but it also features paved walking trails (and an ice cream shop). 

Port Moody City Guide

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There are 11 distinct neighbourhoods within Port Moody, and each has its own unique character. Port Moody Centre is at the heart of the city and sits on the southern shore of Burrard Inlet. Here, you’ll find bustling city centres, tons of shops, art galleries, boardwalks, restaurants, and cafes. This is also where you can hop on and off of the Evergreen extension of the SkyTrain, making it easy for Port Moody Centre residents to travel back and forth to Vancouver. This neighbourhood is perfect for young professionals or for those who want to be close to restaurants, shops, bars, and breweries. 

North Shore has nestled right along – you guessed it – the northern shore of Burrard Inlet. This area features spectacular waterfront properties and views, ranging from detached homes to condos and townhomes. Shoreline Trail also runs through North Shore, giving residents easy access to walking, biking, and hiking. The neighbourhood is home to many city amenities, such as an ice rink, tennis courts, fitness centers, a library, and City Hall. 

Located between North Shore and Heritage Woods lies Heritage Mountain. This neighbourhood is home to Bert Flinn Park, which features more than 120 hectares of land for hiking, mountain biking, and off-leash dog walks. All of the amenities of Real estate in Heritage Mountain consist of mostly residential neighbourhoods with detached homes, though condos and townhomes are also available throughout Heritage Mountain.

Ready to learn more about Port Moody and what each area of the city has to offer? Use the interactive map to explore PoMo neighbourhoods and find the perfect location for your new home!

Why Live in Port Moody?

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Port Moody is a wonderful place to visit – but it’s an even better place to call home. Local breweries, mom-and-pop shops, eclectic restaurants, and waterfront views all make PoMo the perfect place for all ages. While there are countless reasons to call Port Moody home, here are some of our favourites: 

  • Access to Vancouver: Port Moody is a favourite city for those who want to work in Vancouver, but would rather live in a more residential area. The Evergreen Express and the West Coast Express provide easy access to Vancouver, and the SkyTrain makes the commute an easy 25 minutes.  
  • Oceanfront Living: From boating to kayaking to relaxing on Maple Beach, living in Port Moody means having the ocean right at your front door. Popular ocean wildlife sightings include eagles, sea lions and seals, and blue herons nest along the shores of Burrard Inlet each spring. With scenic views, wildlife sightings, and plenty of waterfront activities, it’s not surprising that living near the water is a big reason why residents love being in PoMo!
  • Dog-Friendly: Vancouver is widely known as a pet-friendly city, but Port Moody may be giving Vancouver a run for its money. You’ll find off-leash trails, dog parks, dog-friendly patios, and doggy daycares scattered throughout the city. Rocky Point Ice Cream even has ice cream that’s made specifically for dogs, so you can treat the four-legged members of your family, too!
  • Popular Filming Destination: Port Moody truly supports the arts, and with its picturesque neighbourhoods and ocean vistas, it’s become one of the most sought-after destinations for local and national film crews alike. In 2020 alone, Port Moody was a filming location for TV shows Siren, Supernatural, and Supergirl. And if you watched The Butterfly Effect, John Tucker Must Die, or The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, you’ll see scenes filmed on location in PoMo!

Best of all, the city is becoming more and more walkable. While there are plenty of trails throughout Port Moody to get lost in nature, the city features bike lanes for cyclists and lots of walkable urban centres for pedestrians. It’s truly a beautiful city with a laid-back, friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect complement to the hustle and bustle of Vancouver’s urban life. 

Important Things to Know About Port Moody Real Estate

There’s no denying that Port Moody provides a beautiful backdrop to explore nature, enjoy food and drink, and raise a family. While living in Port Moody may be higher in comparison to other areas of the country, it is often a much more affordable option than Vancouver. And with increasing numbers of individuals, families, creatives, and business owners choosing to call Port Moody home, there is a fair amount of competition for local real estate. 

Of course, each and every neighbourhood has its own average cost, amenities, and community atmosphere that will influence the cost of realty in Port Moody. The best way to find the right home for you – whether you want a detached home, a condo, or a townhome – is to talk with your real estate agent. Together, we’ll help you find the perfect Port Moody home for your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget!