James’ kid’s having fun in New West!

New Westminster offers a wide variety of family friendly activities, from restaurants to outdoor parks and events! Keep the kids out of the house and entertained this weekend with these 6 ideas:

  1. Vancouver Circus School
    Bring your whole family to “Family Intro to Circus” at the Vancouver Circus School this Saturday and learn the basics of the circus!  Jenn’s daughter had a great time playing with the ribbon and learning some balancing tricks. Located at the River Market in the New Westminster Quay. See their website for more information.
  2. Soap making drop-in class 
    Take your kids to Jolene’s Handmade Soap this weekend to learn how to create their own soap! Your kids will love creating something they can bring home. *Bonus: They will probably be more inclined to wash their hands!
  3. Check out a family friendly restaurant
    New Westminster has some great family-friendly restaurants. Have you taken your family to the following?
    Mongo Bongo: Create your own bowl of noodles! You get to choose your own kind of meat, veggies & sauce. Your children will have fun building their own lunch bowls and love watching the chef cook it right before their eyes.
    Coming Home Café: This café is full of character and spunk that will keep your kids’ eyes entertained. Plus their breakfast food is amazing!
    Old Spaghetti Factory: This is a classic and you can’t go wrong with this family friendly restaurant.
  4. Get your kids involved in a local workshop
    Get their brains working while having fun with other children! These workshops focus on innovation, science, technology and more! Check out what New Westminster workshops are available this weekend here.
  5. Check out a movie at the Landmark Cinemas
    Everyone likes a trip to the movie theatre. It’s a great way to get everyone out of the house while getting to relax in those great big lounge chairs.
    Family friendly movies to check out: Peter Rabbit, Jumanji and Black Panther! Showtimes
  6. Walk along the Westminster Pier
    The Westminster Pier offers a variety of activities for the whole family like beach volleyball, children’s playgrounds, hammocks and more. When you need a re-charge, head toward the River Market, and choose from many great restaurants like Longtail Kitchen or Wild Rice!


James’ and his family out for a walk in the neighborhood