Here are our top tips for prepping your home to sell.

1) Clean your home: A quick clean can do wonders and will leave a great impression on possible buyers. A nice light fresh scent and bright clean windows make your home inviting and comfortable. Remember that the scent of your home shouldn’t be the first thing they notice so keep it simple.
Here are a couple ideas for air fresheners:
-Put a pot of warm water on the stove at a low temp. Add your favorite spices or fruit (ie. Vanilla & Lemon, or Cinnamon & Orange)
-Scented candles are great to add a coziness and comfort as well as a fresh scent. Just make sure they are placed somewhere safe.
-Essential Oils are perfect for a set-up-and-go option. Add the oils to dried flowers, decorative sand, or decorative soaps.
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2) De-clutter: Less is definitely more and this can be hard because it may make you feel less comfortable in your own home but it will allow possible buyers to see their life in your space. Anything that is distracting to the overall space should be stored elsewhere. Pictures, children’s art work, business papers, etc… should be put out of sight to allow for your home to have a welcoming feel.
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3) Paint it: It will give your walls a great face-lift and with the right color could open up & brighten your home as well. Keep in mind that you want to appeal to many people so the color should be subtle. Natural earth tones, soft grays, pastels, whites, and beige’s are great options that allow you to add color with accessories.
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To find cheap paint or home accessories to help stage and decorate your home check out Re-Store. They have gently used furniture, decor, and paint that wont break the bank. Plus all proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity.
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