Vancouver East – Hastings

Vancouver East – Hastings


Hastings is a neighbourhood in Vancouver East that extends to the north all the way to the Burrard Inlet. Its boundaries are marked by Main St, Hastings St, Clark Dr, Venables St, and Nanaimo St. Hastings is home to the Port of Metro Vancouver and covers a vast majority of the northern area of Hastings. This neighbourhood is an eclectic mix of industrial buildings, condos, apartments and heritage homes. Railtown, an up-and-coming neighbourhood east of Gastown, is home to many artists, musicians and intimately upscale dining. Hastings is part of a revitalization plan to turn around what was once a dangerous and drug-filled neighbourhood. Trendy stores, pop-up shops, cafes and restaurants can be found throughout the industrial areas of Hastings. Further west, the neighbourhood becomes more residential with beautiful heritage homes with waterfront views.


Neighbourhood Amenities

Railtown is located near the eastern border of Hastings. Many artists reside here because of special rental apartments that provide artists with subsidized units. Once considered to be a dark spot of Vancouver, the neighbourhood is changing, attracting trendy new stores. Ask for Luigi is a popular neighbourhood restaurant located on the corner of Alexander St and Gore St is beautiful, intimate restaurant that serves fresh Italian fare with hand made pasta. All along Hastings St, residents can find great dives and places to eat or drink. On the western side of Hastings is where more of the residential single family housing can be found. Here the streets are beautifully lined with trees and is located to many schools and parks.





Hastings is in close proximity to Downtown Vancouver and is easily accessible by bike or public transit. Hasting St is a major route for multiple buses that service the East-West Corridor to and from Downtown Vancouver. 


Hastings Real Estate

Condos and townhomes dominate the majority of the residential real estate in Hastings. However, a small supply of detached homes are available. The average condo was priced around $424,000 in 2016.

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