North Vancouver – Hamilton

North Vancouver – Hamilton


Hamilton is a neighbourhood that is split into two areas by Marine Drive. The southern side is home to many businesses, including commercial, industrial and retail spaces and is also home to the North Shore Auto Mall. The Northern Side is where all the residential zones can be found. Hamilton is surrounded by forested parks and features tons of outdoor space so nature is always nearby!


Neighbourhood Amenities

Hamilton has recently gone through some residential and commercial developments. It is a great neighbourhood to live in as all essential amenities can be found in one location along Marine Drive between Fell and Hamilton Ave. Here, residents and visitors can find grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, auto shops, professional services, and other essential amenities. Everything you need is in one location!

South of Marine Drive is a different side of Hamilton. It features small and medium sized businesses, commercial spaces, retail spaces and the North Shore Auto Mall. The south side is considered to be a commercial centre as it is home to many businesses. On the southern most point is a park that runs along the shoreline with a walking path that extends throughout the park called Spirit Trail. This area is also home to the Burrard Yacht Club.





Hamilton is in close proximity to Marine Drive, which is a major east-west thoroughfare that leads onto Highway 1 and other major roads throughout North Vancouver. There are also buses that run along and through Marine Drive that transports users to Vancouver and Lonsdale Quay.


Hamilton Real Estate

Hamilton has a wide variety of residential real estate available for people of all backgrounds. There is a strong supply of condos, townhouses and detached houses available. In 2016, the average detached home cost $1.4 million, the average condo was $455,000 and the average townhome was $724,000.

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