Burnaby – Big Bend

Big Bend is Burnaby’s most southerly neighbourhood. It flanks the shore of the Fraser River from Boundary Road to the border with New Westminster along Marine Drive. The neighbourhood is a mix of rural agricultural, industrial, commercial, recreational and residential. Most of the homes are along Marine Drive with a large pocket between Byrne Road and Marine Way. A new enclave of town homes is being developed at the foot of Patterson Avenue.

The area is also headquarters for some of Burnaby’s largest employers including Ballard Power Systems, Best Buy and Alpha Technologies.

Neighbourhood Amenities

Outdoor recreational opportunities abound in Big Bend. Walking trails and parks line the shore of the Fraser River from the neighbourhood’s east end to the Vancouver border and beyond. There’s also forested trails in Byrne Creek Ravine Park just off Marine Drive.

The Riverway Golf Course is a municipally-owned championship-calibre golf course with amenities like a driving range, pro shop, clubhouse, snack bar and restaurant. Nearby, the Riverway Sports Complex boasts eight grass pitches, six softball diamonds, an outdoor lacrosse box and a fieldhouse.

A number of the small farms in the neighbourhood make their crops, as well as fresh flowers, available at market stalls. There’s also full-service shopping at Market Crossing with a selection of grocery and specialty retailers, as well as a Canadian Tire, London Drugs, clothing shops and restaurants. Across Marine Way, another shopping complex is home to big box retailers like Staples, Winners, SportChek and PetSmart.



The 22nd Street Station that services the Millennium and Expo line is located at the eastern edge of the Big Bend neighborhood. Frequent bus services through the neighbourhood connect to it, as well as the stations at Edmonds and Metrotown.

Big Bend Real Estate

Big Bend’s real estate market is mostly made up of single detached houses. Although condos, townhomes and apartments for sale are available in limited quantities.

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House Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$662,914 $1,275,000 $401,000 $696,400 $324$638$225$270$1,073,500 $608,133 11714
2011$750,500 $1,420,000 $410,000 $720,000 $333$685$180$303$1,070,000 $720,650 2913
2012$765,000 $898,000 $640,000 $761,000 $353$456$244$356n/a$765,000 454
2013$859,500 $1,020,000 $699,000 $859,500 $476$699$254$476$1,020,000 n/a242
2014$775,358 $1,025,000 $615,000 $729,429 $381$603$205$362n/a$739,695 708
2015$1,046,444 $1,668,000 $725,000 $1,113,000 $410$682$274$401$1,077,667 $1,030,833 519
2016$1,253,630 $1,780,000 $665,000 $1,256,400 $616$616$266$562$1,200,000$1,259,589 4210

Condo Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$564,900 $609,900 $539,900 $559,900 $365$428$332$345$564,900 n/a136
2011$553,650 $589,900 $529,900 $544,900 $388$412$363$385$553,650 n/a338
2012$668,000 $678,000 $658,000 $668,000 $407$410$405$407$668,000 n/a832
2014$663,438 $710,000 $643,500 $661,500 $412$462$396$406$663,438 n/a408
2013$597,580 $678,000 $459,900 $630,000 $433$475$401$423$597,580 n/a675
2015$666,528 $710,000 $520,900 $689,000 $442$504$418$429$666,528 n/a419

Townhouse Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2012$390,677 $457,706 $312,000 $396,500 $381$399$371$378$390,677 n/a484
2015$532,450 $654,000 $410,900 $532,450 $585$702$468$585$532,450 n/a382

Burnaby – Big Bend

8118 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada