Burnaby – Parkcrest

Parkcrest is an established neighbourhood of single-family homes between Lougheed Highway and Union Street, from Springer Avenue in the west and Sperling and Kensington avenues to the east. It’s gentle slope down towards the Central Valley affords some terrific views towards the skylines of Vancouver and Burnaby’s Metrotown area.

Neighbourhood amenities

Parkcrest’s central location means it’s close to Burnaby’s booming Brentwood and Lougheed Town Centre areas with their array of shops, restaurants and services. Both malls are in the early stages of massive redevelopment that will transform them into major regional commercial and business hubs. For a more neighbourhood shopping experience,  the city’s lively Heights commercial district on Hastings Street is where independent multicultural restaurants, delis and shops abound.

Kensington Park, at Parkcrest’s north end, has a nine-hole pitch and putt golf course, outdoor pool, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches and tennis courts as well as a busy hockey rink. For more rugged recreation, the hiking and biking trails of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area are only a short distance away. At the summit of Burnaby Mountain sits Simon Fraser University.

Nearby Barnet Marine Park is a quintessential West Coast paradise with Burnaby’s only beach, a boat launch, picnic areas, a pier where crabbers try their luck at catching dinner, walking trails and stunning views across the Burrard Inlet to the North Shore Mountains and Indian Arm.



Buses connect much of Parkcrest to the Brentwood and Lake City SkyTrain stations for quick transport into Vancouver. Hastings Street is within walking distance where major bus routes link Vancouver and Simon Fraser University.

Parkcrest real estate

Detached houses make up the majority of the residential real estate available. Some older townhouses are also available in limited supply.

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House Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$835,695 $1,630,000 $575,000 $784,000 $309$439$205$310$1,527,667 $796,526 4356
2011$1,013,070 $1,650,000 $572,800 $975,000 $351$513$218$348$927,667 $1,016,894 3170
2012$1,011,688 $1,838,000 $590,000 $979,500 $353$466$213$348$1,311,500 $968,857 3932
2013$932,111 $1,950,000 $595,000 $880,000 $381$640$258$356$1,680,000 $888,963 5255
2014$1,051,081 $2,270,000 $650,000 $936,800 $394$658$259$373$1,504,000 $962,467 5955
2015$1,440,661 $2,992,500 $801,000 $1,338,000 $510$1,083 $319$483$2,068,115 $1,292,481 3381
2016$1,960,397 $3,320,000 $1,350,000 $1,800,000 $673$957$470$654$2,844,322$1,838,476 1433

Townhouse Market Stats

YearAvg PriceHighLowMedianAvg $/SFHighLowMedianAVG After 2000AVG Before 2000Avg DOMCount
2010$327,500 $440,000 $250,000 $340,000 $269$298$238$267n/a$327,500 305
2011$337,033 $401,100 $297,500 $312,500 $243$315$193$220n/a$337,033 513
2012$418,900 $510,000 $305,000 $463,000 $233$290$157$227n/a$418,900 285
2013$360,500 $488,000 $295,000 $329,500 $256$327$218$240n/a$360,500 144
2014$318,000 $356,000 $295,000 $303,000 $264$327$218$247n/a$318,000 153
2015$393,500 $470,000 $317,000 $393,500 $275$213$213$275n/a$393,500 672

Burnaby – Parkcrest

5963 Winch St, Burnaby, BC V5B 2L1, Canada